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as in "...out" "...in a lurch" "....behind"

It's a pain in my arse sometimes being the singleton in a sea of couples. Maybe I'm a third wheel. Maybe a good looking single friend is a threat. Maybe they just like the symmetry of hanging with other couples. And it gets worse as the other singletons hook up and fall away and suddenly have no time for anything but the new person in their lives.

I've fallen into this pattern of busy weeks, and then barren weekends where I socialize with no one but my roommate. Briefly. And it's the weekends that I feel the gap most of all. Cue random female vocalist singing "Sunday Kind of Love"  I'm sure I've said before that one of my romantic dream goal aspiration thingies is the sitting in bed naked with a guy on Sunday morning, drinking coffee and reading the paper.

Marriedman (who, I reiterate, is no longer married. Or, for that matter, dating anyone) drifted back into my life. I saw him on 411 and he looked so centred and relaxed and comfortable in his own skin, I had to reach out and say hi. We chatted a bit and made a date to get together. The sex was fantastic. He's a committed bottom now, which worked out very well. Very, very well, indeed. We've been chatting and sexting back and forth but haven't connected again. Before Priscilla last week, I ran into him at the Bay and got all tingly inside. Met a friend he was with.

I realized there's a distinction in my mind. Men fall into two groups: Could and Would. I meet guys all the time that I could be in a relationship with. All I'd have to do would be to say yes. Then, there's the very few that I would be in a relationship with. One is a guy I've been friends with for a couple of years. The other is Marriedman. There's just something there. Something that makes me want to pursue it; makes me think he's someone I would follow through with.

And after running into him, he was busy all weekend and I felt a bit of pulling away. Like maybe he wants the hot nookie but nothing else.

Anyone know any good, single men who aren't broken inside?? "Life's too short, babe. Time is flyin'. I'm lookin' for baggage that goes with mine"

Priscilla was an astonishing amount of fun. The accents were iffy and the show skates over some of the darker moments of the source film, but the staging is amazing. Every time I wondered "How are they going to do the.....", they pulled it off. There's a bus on stage. It rotates 360 degrees and one side opens up. And it's covered in LEDs so it actually turns pink when the characters paint it. The divas hang suspended from wires and  in the scene where Felicia performs the aria on the giant shoe, the bus pushed forward and the shoe extends on a boom far out over the audience. Just amazing. Good choices of new music too. We were lucky too. The night we were there, the actor playing Bernadette made a speech after the finale about the It Gets Better project and the cast performed the finale again for their video. Left the theatre on a total high.

And so, we begin the Ford era here in Toronto, anyone with a progressive, compassionate bone in their body, weeping at the prospect of our new mayor. *sigh*
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