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Off to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical tonight. For free!  Friend got tickets and I am only too happy to go along. I'm even wearing my spiffy new black pants that make my ass and legs look great. Even the gibbled one.

Not a lot to report otherwise. Been feeling low. My debt crept back up again. ("Hey, look at this great deal on new cookware! and $40 dollars off a Cuisinart Griller?? I'll take it!!!") *sigh*   And then there's Season Two Dollhouse, Season One Bionic Woman, Season Five Doctor Who, etc. *double sigh*

And since the emails from the publisher, there's been no further movement on that front. I know they just launched another book and they're in the midst of their Fifth Anniversary celebration. I'm just impatient. Good thing I'm pretty, eh??

I have set up a Facebook fan page, so if any of you are on FB and haven't "liked" it yet, please do. I can always use the support.

And, I've also set up a writing blog over at Wordpress (wanted some separation from here)  It will solely be for stuff related to writing and, to a lesser extent, painting; a more public facing page. So, no penis pics there, or descriptions of my lusty trysts, or deep, personal angst, but it may be of interest to you. And it also feeds to the fan page, so if you follow that, you'll see the content over there.

I have been reading, my darlings. Just going through some "What am I doing here??? Do I matter???" angst which is monumentally dull when you're living it, so it must be doubly so to read it.  

But I'm well. The sun is shining and I feel all right. Hugs n licks n pokes and stuff

on 2010-10-21 04:58 pm (UTC)
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hugs 'n' licks 'n' pokes for you too :-)

on 2010-10-21 05:59 pm (UTC)
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I just let my debt creep back up, too -- books & CDs and a new trench coat from Macy's and there are still a dozen stores where I could go completely broke if I let myself. Oh this modern world & all its shiny objects ...

I hope the ennui passes. I find this time of year tends to fill me with energy and uncertainty at the same time.

on 2010-10-21 06:12 pm (UTC)
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I am much better. I find that I spend too much time on my own on weekends. Everyone seems to be busy with family and lovers and such. And I do laundry and watch movies and think too much

on 2010-10-21 06:28 pm (UTC)
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Y'know the last 2 sentences of your reply could be the beginning of a poem ...

on 2010-10-21 06:32 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I'm a poet. And didn't know it ;)

on 2010-10-21 06:59 pm (UTC)
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Amazon just emailed me to say my season one Bionic Woman set is on it's way. ***happy***

Enjoy Priscilla... wish I was there to see it!

on 2010-10-21 07:17 pm (UTC)
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I can't wait to start watching Jaime :)

And I will. Wish you were here too!


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