Mar. 3rd, 2011

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So... Um.... Yeah. I know you've all forgotten me and stuff, but I'm in for the question thing

Comments will be screened and questions anonymous

This should get me off me arse and writing stuff here again

Question #1

Mar. 3rd, 2011 01:52 pm
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What's your favourite memory of your youth?

I honestly never know how to answer "what's your favourite____?" questions. There are always so many ______s that I like for different reasons. I can give you some things that stand out. That I remember even now after so many years and my chemobrain addled memories.

The red vinyl interior of the car I rode in to my oldest sister's first wedding when I was 3. The sailor suit I wore.

Going skating with a friend of my middle sister, I have no idea why. The little red matchbox VW she bought me.

The Batmobile I got for a birthday.

The time the youngest of my three sisters startled our beagle, Gus, out of a sleep and he bit her nose.

My red bike with the sparkly banana seat.

How my parents would never let me see the closing credits for Star Trek, because they were sure one of the alien faces would terrify me. And how it had no effect at all when I finally saw it.

Question #2

Mar. 3rd, 2011 02:00 pm
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How would you say that being a cancer survivor has changed you most emotionally/mentally?

I think it... brought me into focus, for want of a better term. I'm realizing I was probably always strong, I just never realized it until I had to.

It made me appreciate my life more, inhabit it more. I've always been pretty determined to live in the moments of my life, to be glad of what I have and not worry too much about what I don't have. But I'm much more committed, I think.

I think I'm brave, less worried about what people think or of being rejected. I'm more willing to be myself

But I think it's also made me harder, less accessible. I have much less patience with people whose problems seem minor in comparison. It's something I'm working on


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